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Can I start a home-based business by writing poetry?



I love writing poetry. This is my favorite pastime. I have always had a gift for writing but just recently started spending more time developing my poetry writing skills. How can I turn this into a money making venture that will generate more income?

from F.A


Very interesting question.

Creative people use their talents to create income everyday. If you don’t believe me watch the Oscars. It’s not really a matter of “if” your skills can be monetized, but “how”. Anyone considering using their niche passion to make money needs to ask themselves the following questions: Who might pay for me to do this?Where is an example of someone currently operating under the business model that I want? (Who is doing what you are doing?)What did it take for the above individuals to become successful?

You also need to ask yourself if you would like to make money as a writer, freelance or otherwise, or as an entrepreneur capitalizing on your writing talent.

I’ll illustrate the differences in those paths.

A writer makes money getting paid to…you guessed it, write! The first steps you would take would be to contact publications to find out how they accept submission. You would also start researching literary agents.

As an entrepreneur using your writing talent to create a business, you might think of creating a t-shirt line with witty sayings or starting a social networking community for poets (with an advertising or subscription based revenue model).

In either of these cases, your first step will be to write out a plan with a clear method for creating income. I applaud you following your passion and using your gift.

Best of luck, Bunmi Zalob





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