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Can I make money off my Poetry?



Can I make money off my poetry?



Yes, you can.

First thing first, please note that positioning is superior to momentum. I will come back to this later.

However, to make good money from poetry, you need to think creatively. Normal people think normal things and do normal things. Learn to think abnormally so you can do abnormal things and earn abnormally.

Take a look at the image I created called the poetry value chain analysis.

poetry chain analysis

There are 8 sectors around poetry, and from each sector a poetry product can be created/ developed i.e. a minimum of a product per sector. These 8 sectors can each be further divided into 8 more sectors, thus creating a total of 64 sectors which can generate a minimum of 64 products. This is illustrated below and can be further broken down into simple bits and explained in relatable terms if interested.

how poetry can add value

What is a poetry product?

These includes: books on poetry, CDs and DVDs, special performance, poetry events etc. This is further illustrated below in the diagram:

i2x Poetry

Most of the above are being done already but they are done as normal products.

For example, books on poetry are majorly books filled with poems. But really, how many people still buy poem books? Instead, write a book about poetry which details your experience as a poet and put one of your poems every 2 or 3 chapters. For example, my E-books titled “The Poetprenuer” and “How many Nos make a Yes? “ details my experience in fulfilling my vision to create a vibrant spoken word poetry industry in Nigeria, West Africa.

Both books are available on Amazon, but The Poetprenuer is available for free download on our website. The links are below:

How Many Nos make a Yes: Dealing with rejection and failure – Kindle edition by Olumide Holloway. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

The Poetprenuer by Olumide Holloway is now available for download

Also as regards poetry events, instead of doing the usual poetry events why not create/ develop an unusual poetry event that can rival shows like: The Voice, X Factor, American got Talent, Big Brother etc.

Our event, War Of Words Africa (a slam poetry competition) is conceptualized to match and/ or rival the above mentioned shows and can also be sold as a franchise. We are currently trying to raise a minimum of $100,000 via sponsors and/ or investors for the planned show. The link below contains the video entries for our planned slam poetry competition


Other shows that are not your “normal” poetry shows are: Rhyme and Reason (The Eversion) and Dike Chukwumerije’s Made in Nigeria Show.

Basically, the summary of the above is:

Do your research, create/ develop unusual poetry products, determine your target market, match your products to the target market (market niche), market and sell.

But note that if its really an unusual poetry product, it might be ahead of its time. That’s where positioning is superior to momentum. Thus, you have to find a way to position yourself and your product, by building your poetry brand as a market leader, and sooner than later, the market will come running to you.

Hope this suffices.

I’m available to offer personalized and customized lecture and advice for a fee. My email is olulu4ever@gmail.com , twitter @olulu4ever and Instagram @olulutheking


Olumide Holloway (aka King Olulu, not from Zulu)

Article Cover Picture Source: http://quotes.lifehack.org/quote/robert-graves/theres-no-money-in-poetry-but-then/

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