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The more I look

The more I want to hook

The less I see

The less I feel wrong about you

The sky is blue

And you got me glued

It seems cool

But I don’t wanna be a fool

Stars up in the sky

Love in this heart of mine

Feels like there’s an open door

And you’re calling me to come

Ok, let me take it slow

Maybe this feeling will go

Before I could hide my color under the snow

Every hidden crimson begin to show

Walking through this burning fire

And I’m feeling like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego

Taking over me is my lustful desire

And I feel like I got a pot of gold

I’m counting from one to ten

Maybe something will change

But here I am with my pen

Writing about how your love got me caged


Ayodeji Otuyelu

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