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This Spoken Word video fill in for my collection of thoughts: Dreams Wake Me and from the #iamnotafaileddream project. It is the intro poem in the book. I wrote it so you can connect to the message of the semi-autobiographical effort chronicling my journey as a dreamer, traveler and a believer.

Wake up and Dream!

Shot, Directed and produced by Iniabasi Udosen @udosen

Music by Tom Baily: Emotional Inspiring Guitar Backing Track In Db Major | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=094bU… www.tombaileymusic.com

Voice recording at Revolution Studios, Kaduna.

Website: www.iambrainbox.com
Instagram: iambrainbox
Twitter: justbrainbox
Facebook: Brainbox (Valentine Onyeka Ogunaka)

Words to Poem:
When I first read the historic speech by Martin Luther King Jr., I have a dream, I reflected on the things he achieved during his lifetime, his philosophy and legacy, wondering if it was the dream that kept him going in the face of countless opposition.
Same for Nelson Mandela, his dream for South Africa… What else could have made a man give 27 years of his precious life to incarceration and for a people’s struggle when his personal freedom was only one negotiation away?
Then, the Wright brothers—crazy dreamers who gave their invention wings and let it fly after several dejected attempts.
Perhaps, these are not more than clichés to you but here’s something new: the significance of such stories to me, to my life
For each day I dream, I feel an extra motivation to keep breathing.
I mean, one doesn’t stop doing amazing things when it seems they are not winning.
Most times life loses its meaning only when you stop dreaming.
Now, what keeps you going?
What’s that extra motivation?
From where do you draw strength?
Faith, sincere thoughts for a loved one or that the fate of an entire generation depends on you?
Well, I too drink from those fountains and as I’m set to conquer more mountains, I find strength in my dreams.
In knowing tomorrow can be better if I continue seeing it that way.
In declaring that I Am Not a Failed Dream,
That I’m God’s glowing masterpiece!
See, the other day, dreams woke me one thirty-five AM and we prayed.
Dreams wake me every other day.
Dreams make me a promise that we might dally, but we won’t fail.
Dreams wake me from my nightmares.
I am alive for my dreams. I fight to keep them, I win.
Day, night—day, night—I walk the strip of the earth for my dreams.
I am in vigil with them.
Are your dreams awake?

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