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BOOK OF LAMENTATIONS by Prosper #WarOfWords7 #WOWNaija



I see one family yesterday,
Na food wey pipu troway
inside dustbin na im
dem dey gather to chop.
Guy, I just tire. And I imagine
say dem too dey pray to God
everyday say:
“give us dis day, our daily bread”.

See, if Naija na book, e for be
book of lamentations.


I know another woman
wey watch her daughter die
for her hands, because
she no fit afford the hospital bills.

Them reject her from one hospital
to another, until the poor girl
give up the ghost.

“God,” she cry, “where you dey?”


Na we pray pass,
yet na we poor pass.

Churches and mosques
don cover where factories
suppose stand and yet
dem say we dey jobless.

Poor people wey no get enough
food to eat, or place to sleep
dey donate their last kobo
to build big churches for statues
and crucifix.

General overseers flying overseas
in private jets, their members dying
in the slums from abject poverty.

Ah, if Naija na book, e for be
book of lamentations.


Ji masun,

Job no dey anywhere.
The highest employer of our youths
Na Yahoo Yahoo.

Nkechi na striper for VI Club.
Because e dey better to slide naked
around poles and give lap dance
to rich old men for the money.
Than to go through the stress
of Banking School and still have to
sleep around with Sugar Daddies
To meet you bank target.

Ji masun,
Olosho get grade:
some dey corporate,
the others na culprits.


If naija na book, e for e for be
book of Exodus:

Look how our guys and girls
dare the desert and risk the sea
to get to overseas, and tell me say
no be heavenly race.


God, where you dey?

give me the book of Apocalypse:
Seven seals from the vision of John.
Seven continents. The richest of dem
has the poorest people. Africa,
shaped like a gun: endless, senseless
wars, killings everyday.

Leaders packing money, like say
dem dey save up for eternity,
forget we came from dust
and to dust we return.

Our politicians drinking wine
and watching the starving
kill each other for dem DiScord TV:
the other day, herdsmen
kill men for killing their cows.
the other day, dem hack
Christians to death for Kaduna.
the other day, Boko Haram boys
drop bombs and burn pipu to death.


If Naija na book,
we need to go read am.
we need to weigh every word,
pluck every page, check every chapter
whether na fact, whether fiction,
we need to know
whether na true, whether lie,
we need to know

Oya come make we go

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