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Bloody and beautiful….


Bloody and beautiful….
The phrase stayed stuck in his head
Half drunk, he heard not his friend preach to him
The phrase from the song was all that mattered
He had only nodded as his friend spoke so as to act the good passenger.

Bloody and beautiful…
He got down and waved goodbye
This night was going to be exciting
He could feel the growing bulge
He staggered towards his apartment.

Bloody and beautiful…
His wife was in the kitchen
He went straight to the bedroom and stripped
How was your….? His wife started to say.
She stopped and looked at him in his “born” day suit.

Bloody and beautiful
He came close and grabbed her by the waist
He tried to kiss her
You are drunk, she shouted, let me go now.
He stopped and smiled at her.

Bloody and beautiful…
You have promised to be good, she said to him, like one would do to a child.
She struggled to loosen his grip.
He draw her closer
His other hand ripped her blouse.

Bloody and beautiful…
Please stop, she said.
He drew his head back and brought it down with force on her nose,
Again, and again, and again.
He laid her limp body on the floor.

Bloody and beautiful
He said aloud
He mounted her….

N.B. Domestic violence rarely stop once it starts. Say no to violence against women.

King Olulu, not from Zulu.

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