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Blood and sand: Friendship on fire.



Ichagu is my brother
Birthed from another mother.

We grew together
on sunny days
and danced together
in the tethering rain.

Fetched together from
the forbidded river that flows
from the quarrelling clan.

And together we learnt
the trade of war. taught our claws
to kill and our swords to stab,

Thin line lies between love
and her counterpart – Hatred.

Let this fight be
between you and me
Ichagu, peace my home..

Who shall we tell
that my wife was defiled by a friend, who?

I have killed a hundred.

but thousands have fallen
by the hem of your sword.

You are stronger!

Mighty men too fall
by the dawn of glory. watch!

Drums from the Uku
and shakes by the Ukwu
Gets us into this festival of dream.

Its the yam Festival!!

After the dine,
at dusk,
I shall challenge my dear friend.

Clouds gathered to witness
the battle of life.

Ichagu, let tonight mark
a lifetime of friendship.
let it mark the end too.

we started as friends
cuddling muscles against veins.

the songs and drums grew
hotter and
he fought me like
he held grudges against my name.

‘You stole my love with a charming
you deserve a kill’
ichagu whispered in my tingling ears.

You raped my wife..
stole the fame I deserved.
you did!

I withdrew my sword
from the inches unseen
stabbed my friend
in the heart
and he did the same.

I died in his arms
and he in mine.

our blood ran
from the corridor of the sand
to the tower the kings sat…

Blood and sand: friendship forever



Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

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