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BLANK PAGES by Akharia Success (Dee_Wordsmith) #WOWnaija #WarOfWords7



They say Life is a book..
Written by God and perfect like the delicacy of a great cook.
Unpredictable but interesting enough to catch our fancy
so we keep longing for the next page and chapter–down to its glossary..

But I’ve come to discover that
Life isn’t just one book
but a compilation of the works of the world’s best literary cooks..
In one library– carefully stacked
with books as many as specks of sands on the earth crust.
cos our individuals lives are distinct books written by us

We were given the free will by God,
to scribble words
and paint pictures
in the blank pages given to us
So good day fellow writers of all ages and races..
I hope this poem brings smiles to your faces..

Our lives has beginnings and is a book..
Definitely our dear country NIGERIA is a book..

With a beautiful cover design and a wonderful story of pain and pleasure to be told..
So will you and I read?

Or will we just scan through?
Checking out the bittersweet pictures in the middle of its pages to tell if it’s words are lies or perhaps true..

Well I guess not.
Cos we’ve missed the theme of our book..
even though God gave us adequate resources
Like recipes in the hands of a good cook
But, we’re not.

Even if we were, we aren’t anymore..

Cos on October 1st, 1960..
God gave us our blank pages
inexhaustible as long as the sun shines and thunderstorms rages..

Nothing else but a FOREWORD with just FOUR WORDS written by Him

Yeah, I know it’s like God insulted us
Cos na weytin YARB mean be that
But no be that kind yarb
Na message wey start get four words..
And truly we are,
arguably a richly blessed country of our world
but we’re wallowing in utmost lack
and not fit to rub shoulders with the elites of the world.

Cos we failed to write good stories in our blank pages,
Although our forefathers struggled for ages
To write good stories worthy of winning nobel prices.
Until we traded VIRTUES for VICES..

Cos we no longer care
as long as we eat three square meals per day,
own our cars and don’t have to worry about transport fare
Ah, é má wó ibi ti aténújé bá wa dé

We all left out our duties as Nigeria’s writers
to our big tummy leaders

With dirty mindsets that cannot be cleansed with six-packs of hypo..
Cos it’s worse than a baby’s poo

And now..
The labours of our heroes past is like it was all in vain
though they wrote the first few chapters with love flowing out of their he(ART)ries
and their bloods as ink flowing out of their veins

In this vein,
I urge us all to help right the wrongs and rewrite our story right now..

Enough of behaving like pharisees
pointing fingers without voting– hypocrites

Let’s get our PVCs
Please Vote with Conscience..
Please Vote Competence..
and write a new story in the pages of our next chapter– 59 starting next year

If not, our dear country won’t make it to Chapter 63..

#WOWnaija #WarOfWords7 #EntryPoem

“Ah, é má wó ibi ti aténújé bá wa dé” means “LOOK WHERE GREED AND SELFISHNESS HAS GOTTEN US TO”

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