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Bivbere Gladys Tega…”And I became Pegasus”


It was on the seventh day of March
And like God did on the seventh day,I rested.
Like every other nights,I laid my head to rest
But mark me,this was a special kind
On my mark!
I bolted into sleep without letting the orchestra of mosquitoes slip into my dreams

One hour,two hours,ten,and even fifty hours I was still asleep
From my sleep I could hear a reggae play from a radio
But all I could do was wish that this reggae spoilt my sleepy blues
Because out of my sleep, I couldn’t wake
I even heard mum call me severally saying it was time for shower
But I couldn’t show her
Or let her know that I was stuck in my dreams.

Awe struck I became as words bubbled in my throat
See…it was a free fall
Free for all to see
No rhymes. No punches lined up.
All I said was a free verse
One that I didn’t even rehears
I became Pegasus
That white horse with ten thousand wings of an eagle
The words that I spoke,I knew not from whence they came
Each syllable formed the hinges of my wings
Yes!words give wing with each feather running into the other
And on these wings are the vowels and consonants of grace
As I spoke words gave me wings,took me out of my dreams and brought me awake!

Now,this is a wake up call to all you who see words as Small,Insignificant,
Words give you life and not only that,Words give you wings.

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