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Benefits of Writing Poetry.


Writing poetry is a way to grow emotionally and intellectually, as language articulates and frames experience symbolically. Writing poetry is also a natural process, serving people’s innate need to explain themselves and their lives in the world (a desire that is particularly strong during adolescence). Writing poetry produces a concrete product that is a source of pride and that can be recognized. Writing poetry is a vehicle for expressing altruistic values and philosophical explorations about life’s meaning. And writing poetry is a free and available resource that can be used for self-exploration, gratification, and healing for a lifetime. Here is a fuller list of 16 benefits of writing poetry:

  1. Poetry provides a cultural context and expressive model that supports openness and emotional honesty.
  2. People who write poetry feel listened to and not judged.
  3. People who write poetry exercise insight and sensitivity, sometimes in profound and illuminating ways.
  4. The act of creating poetry reinforces ego strengths, including realizations about who I am, what I think, what my life has been like, what I want, and what I can accomplish.
  5. Writing poetry is a natural process for people in pain.
  6. Writing poetry is a natural process for people who are developing an identity and/or seeking understanding.
  7. Poetry provides a safe and private experience, with individual control over the outcome.
  8. Poetry provides a basis for greater interpersonal communication about personal issues and for stronger relationships.
  9. People who write poetry use a variety of cognitive skills.
  10. In an appropriately structured program, poetry can be used by individuals with severe emotional difficulties and/or poor cognitive skills.
  11. Writing a poem is a concrete accomplishment.
  12. A person’s purpose in writing a poem can be altruistic, educational, inspirational, etc.
  13. The accomplishment of a poem can be publicly recognized by saving, sharing, reading, posting, publishing, etc.
  14. The act of creating poetry is joyful and self-reinforcing, even when the content is about a sad or traumatic event.
  15. People who write poetry can become more in touch with larger issues of life’s meaning and connectedness, developing a spiritual appreciation of life.
  16. The act of writing a poem is a skill that people can use to help themselves over and over again throughout a lifetime.


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