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Not my making just a futuristic inkling
Politics is not my game
But might find myself in same
Though a little dirty, hope not to end up in shame
Corruption is a sweet virus;
They all fly abroad having their holidays in Cyprus
Even though i like the money, i won’t be cunning like Hon. Lawan and Senator Ete
Even though i love young beauties but i won’t be a paedophile like Senator Yerima
Acts that is scandalous, absolutely ridiculous
My mama thought me well
Instilling values, discipline and integrity to uphold
My woman will be my strong pillar, supporting me with prayers and love for my home
Even if i end up having a shoeless and clueless head
Kind that plans on giving mobile phones to farmers
I will stand for the truth and forge ahead
Making my constituency consequential and my nation essential
Saying Hi and Nay where it matters, so to make my country greater


Before i become a senator, Voices heard from the creator
Want you to know I’m a professional Estate Surveyor
C.E.O of Bishop & Knights, a priority closely on my mind
Though i write a little in my leisure
And listen to music for my pleasure
A goal getter though a slow pacing nature
Always i use my church mind Cus I’m one of a kind
I’m the Preachers son, trying to catch a little fun
Just like the thriller in manila
I always have my finger on the trigger


Before i become a Senator
Hold me, hug me, kiss me, and please me
Be my elevator, be my motivation.



Yommy Bishop

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