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Beautiful Girls by Suzanne Somers


There are rules
For beautiful girls to abide by:
You must notice other women
Or you’re a snob
And you must let their men alone
Because every worthwhile man
Belongs to someone.
So men stand back
In deference to their wives
And women stand back
To watch their husbands
And only bores step forward
To tell interminable tales
And get so close
And so enthusiastic
That little spitballs fleck your nose.
And even the single guys
Who look special and exciting
Stand back and give way to the bores
Figuring that a girl as beautiful as you are
Certainly wouldn’t have any free time.
But you do-lots of it-
Because there are rules-lots of rules-
For beautiful girls.


Source: http://www.papermag.com/2014/07/celebrities_poetry_james_franco.php



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