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Axe murder of 1877.

An ambiguous controversy
Indeed, an unresolved mystery
It occurred in her father’s mansion
Plunging the nation into tension
When the cops came
They met a beautiful dame
And two lifeless bodies
With axe cuts and bruises
No blood on her hands,
Not even the jury understands
So she was acquitted of parricide
The truth unknown to decide
Days later, she was seen burning a dress
The case was brought to regress
What could have lead?
Her to axe her both parents in the head?
Blindfold by greed?
Maybe jealousy spurred her evil deed?
For her father had altered his will
To her step mom’s name to fill
So she plotted to kill
Them both, for her to steal
The estate and properties
Damming the consequences
Alerting the cops
Claiming someone had murdered their corpse
No eyewitnesses
Left the court with no evidence
Her innocence she crave
Taking the truth to her grave.


John Ayotunde Okade

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