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As night falls on my chapter…..


I watch the clock countdown to my final hours,
Knowing it is too late to turn back now,
For my “faith” is sealed.

They say, “you can still fail at something you don’t love,
So you might as well chase your dreams.”
They added, “a dream is not what you see in your sleep,
A dream is what makes you not to sleep.”
And then they concluded, “seek for what sets your soul on fire,”
Thus, I am on a quest to be ignited.

I have waited so long, too long,
can’t afford to fear fear now.
Things will never be the same again,
so I hope I’m ready.
I think I am ready,
I know I am ready.
Well, time to find out how steady and sturdy is my ready.
I know for sure God is on my side,
I can only pray I stay on my side too.


Olumide Holloway (aka King Olulu, not from Zulu).

Building capacity in people using words and poetry

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