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As I glance through these pages…


As I glance through these pages, I peruse with interest the written works of men who had no names but became famous. Men who did ordinary things in extra-ordinary ways , men like J.P.Clark, Nelson Mandela, Okigbo, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and the late legendary Chinua Achebe. These men were born mere men but their guts made them gods, their legacies made them legends and like stars they shine in a dark world.


As I glance through these pages, I can’t help but crave the desire to outlive myself by a legacy I hope to imprint on the sands of time. Like these great men whose legacies are carried through diverse ages and shared by many races, I want to be loved, revered and talked about. I want to be seen as a star, i want my name to be written in gold on the hearts of all people of different races.


As I glance through these pages, I read about their journey to greatness and I become inspired by a burning desire to aspire beyond the skies of greatness to be something more, to be a god!
My heart beats with doubt at the herculean task I hope to achieve but out of the fountain of my soul comes a soothing voice that assures me never to give in to my doubts nor opt out of my resolve for greatness and perhaps says this voice to me ‘someday through these pages your story of greatness a young lad may read’!



Etisioro Israel


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