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Are you a machine gun or a rifle? by Olumide Holloway


“You are good, so I give you control over everything in my house (and company) except my wife.” But the guy was so good, he could have had the wife.

The guy was hardworking but had only one thing that stood him out. He could interpret dreams.

Later on, he became very powerful and influential, second only to Pharaoh.

It was not mainly hard work that got him there, it was the one thing that he could do so well. However, hard work (while in prison) got him into the position to meet people whom he could utilize that “one thing” to help.

When he was summoned out of prison to stand before Pharaoh, the talk was not about hard work. It was about that one thing uncommon to most men but him.

He did not do any thing special when he was before Pharaoh. He did that which he had always done, he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. However, the key difference was he had always done the one thing outside the palace, in places that it was (sometimes) appreciated but unrewarded. The one time he did it in a palace, he was not just appreciated, he was rewarded.

What is your one thing? Are you working it?
You can work it like a machine gun (i.e. no target, just spray all over) or like a rifle with telescopic vision.
Well, I might be able to help you get the rifle.

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