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Life’s Commentary


I was told the world is a hard place,

And we’re all running a rat race.

A race we first have to survive

Before we can strive.

I did not want to lose

Though I knew we lose to win

And win to lose,


I still hate to lose.

So I tackled life’s issues like Terry

Not Terry the Rapman,

But Chelsea’s John Terry.

I’m not a fan of his club

I would rather be a man in a city

But I love his tenacity

No dribbles

No scribbles

Just take them down


Life seems to target me

And made things harder

So I tried to punch my way through

Heavy or feather weight

It did not matter to me,

But even when there was no harsh weather in May

I still felt Life’s hard knocks

I floated like a butterfly

And tried to sting like a bee

Life still gave me a thorough beat down.

I did a Suarez and took a bite at Success

I ended face up on the canvas


I thought maybe it was all about speed

So I tried to do a Walcott

Just run faster than life,

No frills or thrills

Just do it,

So I did.

I ran

I ran so fast

Faster than light

I got stuck by the Bolt

Thunder not Usain.


I wish to bend it like Beckham

Roll it like Ronaldo

Smile like Ronaldinho

And be as merciless as Messi.

But Life is not fair

So I stayed a black man


Then a Sage told me,

Practice makes perfect

For talent is not everything

Its perhaps overrated

Hard work beats talent

When talent does not work hard

So I read wide

Studied longer

I practiced hard

And I train harder

Cos the harder I work

The luckier I get


Still not much distance between me and the ground

But I now walk tall like Peter Crouch

For I know soon I will be Airborne

But not to Jordan

but like Jordan

I will be heading to the top.

Where I will roar like a Tiger in the woods

For Life has taught me

That sometimes you win

And when Sometimes u don’t win

You don’t have to lose

You simply learn

So now I don’t lose when I don’t win

I get better.

Cos I stay a learner.



King Olulu (whose Kingdom now reaches Zulu)

2014 and beyond


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