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The zombies are back!
Gnomes are now on track.
Racing cannibals wielding phones,
Staring as though they were stones.

Mechanical movements on streets,
Sometimes they fall and lose a few teeth.
The very practices loathed of old
Now cloud our mind, making us bold.

Half clad as though lacking clothes,
Young girls choose now to walk our roads.
Dudes, pants down display dirty undies,
And sometimes party, leading to debaucheries.

Bra, now basically old fashioned,
Seeks an answer for life’s glaring questions:
Who will bell these belles,
These animalistic creatures lacking brain cells?

Nude paintings, erotic pictures,
Glare at us with face-like figures.
Girls pose naked, ”it’s for the money”
If you’re well covered, they’ll call you ”the mummy”.

From whence shall our help come?
Who shall salvage this savage storm?
How shall we erase this alienic dent?
When the alien has more strenght.

Of course there’s a straight to every bend.
And to every start, An END!

(c) Covenant Chimnonso.

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