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Anthony Alexz – (If Nigeria was a book) The Core Option #WarOfWords7 #WOWNaija


(If Nigeria is a book) Core Option
Anthony Alexz Adjarho.

So what if Nigeria was a book and her first five pages
were promises to engage all ages;
Buy the book and learn that being a fool
is foolproof with nothing to prove.
Learning is the engine of my personality,
Been fueled by the tales of my country’s diary.
A nation once powered by moonlight tales
and elders with the vision to entertain.
This nation once walked through time
without breaking the bones of the Earth,
Without sucking on her black milk;
Farmlands once ruled this fertile land
and the only crude were the products of hands.
I am learning that my ancestors had ACs without installs
and power was an august visitor.
If Nigeria was a book, kids would be pencils
Neglected after each pen sues;
Learning that long walks to the forrest for firewoods
has been replaced by short strolls to menstrual pools.
That girls no longer carry pots to streams
but flowers on heads taking snapshots of fake screams.
Civilisation was brought in to help us grow
but we have thrown our identity out the window,
We have replaced exercises with cars
and daughters for pick-up cashiers.
The naira’s hobby is skydiving for the dollar.

I am learning that education
in my country is not an institution,
Many seek the assurances of federal institutes
so they raise their banners, hashtag central prostitutes.
Our schools now have the population of mass pollution,
Social vices are their tickets for academic parachutes;
Broda, you para or you shout, you go carry over in gratitude.
In my country’s diary, the road to success is filled with potholes for sticky notes,
And getting quick success is like smoking cigarettes,
It kills without regrets.

I am learning, learning that Human Rights
and all that is alright, is left stuck in the middle;
That violence against women is same as Abel’s
broken records on how emotions rebel,
How Cain ripped out the label.
The things my country wrote in her diary;
One, fallen heroes becoming the father figures
of broken sons,
Two, widowed wives becoming the opera of drowning songs,
Three, Depression is like a child trying to put together
pieces of his broken dreams.
Don’t Nigeria know that depression
of the mind is as a nation in recession?
but that’s not in her diary.
In my country’s diary we have deserted righteousness
Because our wrongs are done in pure selflessness;
So if Nigeria is a book
her title will be “Corruption
Is the core option”.
The End
#WarOfWords7 #WOWNaija

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