The deep they say calls to the deep. In the same vein, just like the gravitational force of a magnet’s pull,  poets are attracted to the seductive ‘toast’ of a poetry convergence, hence, the unprecedented crowd that gathered at the serene lounge of Barbecue City Lounge, in the bustling city of  Costain, Lagos, to turn up with other attuned individuals who are enthusiastic about the trade.

In a country that has witnessed the decline in the agitation for poetry; both page and stage, such liberating innovation by Mr. Komolafe, popular called Sir Komsons, by every young and budding poet, has proven to continuously strive to rejuvenate the almost-exile spirit of poetry among Nigerians, especially the youths who inevitably bear the brunt of it all.

With his weekly proselytizing programme – Vivid Verses on Metro FM and Rhythm FM both in Lagos, which entertains different poets on air, a landslide new platform has come to augment the radio programmes; WORDAHOLICS, a monthly cocktail of fruity poetry and sublime spoken word performances.

The second phase – WORDAHOLICS 2.0 – of the innovation thrilled all present at the barroom of the Lounge in Lagos, on the 30th day of the month of May, 2016

Even though the earlier fears had been the distraction from the other occupants of the Lounge, who were there for a birthday celebration, fears were however allayed when the ‘fun-seekers’ showed immense interest in poetry, shouting their ‘oohs and ‘aahs’, in appreciation of the poets who entertained with the timeless bleeding from their voracious pens.

In attendance were young poets and vibrant war-lords, who have, in their little way, travelled around the country in pursuit of what they believe in – poetry, and writing in general.

From the 4 o’clock kick-off, poets like Saint Rhymes, Soul’e Rhymez, James ‘Conco’ Ademuyiwa, Victor ‘Lyricpoet’ Adewale, Blue Adonis, Prestige, Oma, Clem, Diipo, Stallone Obaraemi Samuel and a host of others, shared their heart-softening spoken word and page poetry, while onlookers nodded affirmatively to the exquisite jamboree of words that were churned out.

Until the past 7 o’clock, closing time, when the vote of thanks was delivered, poetry was the only ambience that serenaded the entire atmosphere, even as the bar frequenters, who were attracted by the banner, stopped over to be thrilled by the pristine craft of language and breath-taking insouciance of imageries and metaphors.

So, people keep the date with the Vivid Verses/Wordaholics spirit on Metro FM every Saturday and Rhythm FM every Sunday, and watch out for the once-in-a-month gathering. Let’s support a cause for the resuscitation of poetry in Nigeria.


Adefolami Ademola


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