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My heart clings to the memories of that night
When the strangers came
I lay on my neatly dressed bed
With the sheet recently changed
Staring at the ceiling
Carefully studying the patterns

She would be here soon
I thought, as I glanced at my wrist
Wearing a goofy grin

Tonight should be the night
I consoled myself
After many nights of failed attempts
Blood running towards my groin
Goose pimples playing its tricks
On my skin

Euphoria hitting me like drug abuse
As I fantasize the night ahead

Alas!!! I hear my door go knock
Like a child running to embrace his mama
I answered the door
That’s when my limbs went numb

They stood there
Holding her like a strayed child
The lust in their eyes
Shinning like a rising sun

little sobs escaping her lips
Driving painful thrusts into my heart

And I tried, tried to save her
That’s when I felt the tin sharp blade
Sliding into me slowly

I could do nothing now
Nothing for her
I felt the warm liquid sliding down my belly
Slowly I found the ground

As I watch them quench Their lust
One by one,
They took turns on her
Like their last supper
They lavished her

Calling onto my name slowly
She moans bitterly
Begging for my life and hers

The tears from her eyes
Making my blood gush
As I curse my existence
For the pains she receives now
As a parting gift

before the last one reached orgasm
The reaper came for me…



Austine Parka


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