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It’s in the ease with which you let out a smile

Or cough up a giggle, seamless like a thread

Through a needle.Hold up… pause for awhile.

It’s in how you almost effortlessly do your duty,

like a Peacock on a runway, you are no turkey

you won’t end up with your legs up on a plate.

It’s in your face that which makes a poet of men

Like wine makes the loudest of them; musicians

Your face looks like honey dipped in liquid gold

Crowned with hair that drops to your shoulders

Cascading like a symmetrically parted waterfall

Those naked eyes pierces through arc of hearts

As a lamp would illuminate the darkest of nights.

The only selfless thing you do in days is take selfies

As we watch endlessly as your picture eat up a frame

Peddle your skin like it was made from polished ivory

Lips like scented petals placed on a crescent moon

Nose like a wall light switch made from porcelain

Twin towers stand guard earnestly over silicon Valley

I could have said you are beautiful, But no, you are not,

This is not beauty, This is more than a rare combination

Of genetic permutations or a matrixical manifestation

Every lump of flesh, Every shade of melanin, contours

and curves;were carefully crafted, thoughtfully tinkered

like a Picasso painted portrait, this is no beauty, This is Art.




Poem Source:  http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2016/05/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html

Pis source: http://www.fubiz.net/en/2015/03/13/body-art-mixed-with-environment-2/

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