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Alone in the crowd.



Alone in the crowd

Too much noise in this silence

Broken by the voices in my head

Can’t turn on the radio

No more music to make love to my mind

Just sounds that rape my ears

So my brain has migraine

Same words

Different beats

No words

Same beats

The sounds took sense out of nonsense

Cos money, women, booze and cars

Are all what you need to sing a song



Alone in the crowd

All noise, no sound

Voices in my head

And my mouth feels like lead

Can’t turn on the radio

No music

Just swear words

And fanciful names for women

They sing lessons on how you spend money you don’t have

On booze you can’t drink

On cars you don’t own

With women who probably don’t know you

I would rather a wolf howling

Than this noise

No lyrics

No voice

No sense

Just beats

And more beats

Feels like a beat down

Yet we smile and dance away like clowns.



Alone in the crowd

And no words to write to calm the feeling

Can’t turn on the TV

No more music channels to watch

Just sex scenes



and plenty of noise.

Over dressed women

clad only in bikinis,

The guys are naked under their blazers, shirts and trousers.

The women always struggling with their big backside

Too big to fit into one jeans

So they shake it to reduce it

And their pair in front are well hidden behind nothing

Or maybe something

Something that is not worth calling a bra

Well, if you don’t see the summit

You did not see anything, right?

The guys puff and pour what they wish they bought

And nod their heads to what they wish they understood.



Alone in the crowd

Feels like a feeling

Guess it is a feeling

Fleeting feeling

Got me shivering

A bottle or two makes it worse

Doctor said it’s stress,

Advised I rest more

But the nights are too short

One blink

and it’s dawn

I’ve enough words to describe it

But the words are not mine.



Alone in the crowd

And I wonder what it is worth

Did not ask for this vision

Maybe it’s just a dream

Sleep don’t come soon enough

So I stay awake in the dream

I wish to let friends understand

But they are too quick to motivate

Can’t feel sorry

Cos I’m not sorry

Hate to pity

I would rather get it on merit

And give you the credit

Even if it might not recharge

I don’t hate the feeling

Just wish it could knock me out.




Alone in the crowd

But crowded in my head

Wish I was a strong as I looked

Or feel as good as I wish

But some choices are actually the only option

Too tired to complain

Who cares anyway?

They probably not sure if I’m still sane

Cos I’m not too.

I can’t say what they want to hear

Or do as told

I’m no rebel

Just have no reason to conform



Alone in the crowd

Just me

Walking with friends

Talking with family


Just me


Just me


You can’t understand

I don’t too

Hope it never makes meaning

That would mean

an escape


New beginning

From an end untimely.



Alone in the crowd

Not sure anymore

Feel the comfort within

Warmth all over

Still not totally ok


The comforter is doing a great job.

Alone in the crowd?

Not anymore.

At least,

No more crowd

Just me and the comforter

One, but many.




King Olulu, not from Zulu

2014 and beyond


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