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I am very fond of you
And I enjoy every fun with you.

My life was like an ill-knitted-fate
Until you came and blown me strong and great;

Into the wonders of spectrum of colors
You birth me joy, respite from season of horrors.

I will tell your stories
To the winds and also to the trees –

Of how you make me strong and weak
With that softness of your lips and the words that you speak

With you, the river can blush
Turn into a pink roused water rush,

Into a concise rain, cold as ice
Beneath a rhododendron tree – sprouts of paradise.

I say, in your gentle eyes lies the Argos shrink –
The doctor of my mind and all that I think.

So I halt here for now – praising your season found in my arms
And our foreverness I bless with the magic of your charms.

by T.J Sally Alaya

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