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AISHA: A Chibok Story By Adeife Adebiyi #BringBackOurGirls 


Beside the termite eaten window

I sit.

‘Kai! Zafin rincabe.. This heat is just too much


Why are my legs shaking… but why

I thought i was prepared for this paper

Why are we even writing our physics paper today

when other schools have closed down?


A’a Allah

See question number one o

Kai! What will I do now… five questions in Number one alone


Ubangiji ya taimake ni,


My God I will look up to the hills

From whence comes my help but from you’…


Vroooooom Vrooom Vroooom


I lift up my head

From my ink stained paper…. curious


Then I see them

All of them


‘What are all these trucks doing outside our gate

And who are all these people coming into our school?

What! Am i seeing well’?



BOKO HARAM!!!!……Allah, abin da ke wakana !!!


Our roof explodes in a second..GBOAAAAAAA!!!


‘Taimako!! Taimako.!!!… help!!! help!!!

*Commotion* * sporadic gunshots*


Mummy! Mummy! My Mummy!!!

Please don’t kill us…

Kai….HALIMA!! HALIMA!!!. my twin sister

Ina ka!! Ina ka!!! where is my Halima’??


The door slams shut and the world shuts out on us


Inside this cramped airless bus

We journey to our fate unknown

The air is stuffy; I can hardly breathe


My eyes are wet and hurting…I’m sure it must be swollen

I look around


Tears everywhere

Swollen fears in the air

We hold on to one another


‘Please where is my sister’?? HALIMA! HALIMA!!


Why did this people capture us?

Are they going to rape then kill us for rituals

Like what happened in Ibadan?


The bus stops abruptly

Terror grips us afresh

Like iron pegs,….those types I normally use to hold my clothes on the line


‘What’s going to happen now’?


I hug Mariam tightly; she shivers hysterically

They open the door and begin to drag us out like dogs


Screaming deliriously


‘Wofaye mata!! Useless girls!!! Traitors!!!

Haka ku ma kuna so ku nemi ilimi… so you all want to be educated

That is an unforgivable sin… you hear me! UNFORGIVABLE!!

Wannan unforgivable zunubi..

Wallahi Tallahi Allah cannot forgive you


Za mu karantar da ka wata …..we will teach you a lesson aya ba za a manta da koyaushe…

you will not forget in a hurry’….HAHAHAHAHA


I hold on to Mariam, as we trudge the forest floors

The owls and crows bid us welcome with hoots and wails

Proclaiming our woe and

we start crying all over again


Then they began to hit our buttocks with their hands and guns

One pulled my left breast… I wince in pain..holding my stomach


My period draweth nigh


This pain blinds my vision

The demon laughs… the others join in too

A dreadful laughter that send boiling shivers down my spine


He kicks me in my buttocks as i tumble

Helplessly on the thick forest floor


More roaring laughter…


Mariam’s tears drench my uniform …she tries to help me up

He slaps us with both hands… obviously amused


Then I wipe my tears and

I look him straight in the eye


A flash of surprise on his veiled face


He slaps me again and pushes me once more and the last thing i remember


A hand dragging my frail body on the ground

along a narrow turn away from my friend Mariam and my wailing sisters


I open my eyes now


He is on-top of me


His breath on my face _a putrid mist of gin and Indian hemp

Chokes my being


He fiercely ravages my body; I close my eyes




absorbing this soul tearing pain


He yanks my hair

and spits on me, demanding that I watch him

And I look him deep in the eye

My insides trembling


A tear below

My blood trickles slowly

onto the thirsty earth


I am soiled; ….yes i know….


But my eyes remain dry

ba na jin tsoron…my fears are all gone




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