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Beauty in dark complexion
Her darken skin still shine even in the night…

African lady
Appearing in alluring mild
Fiendishly pretty when she amble
With her dark mane hair that attract…

Here is the African lady
Gorgeous than mermaid
In her painting depict
Beneath her presence set the pace
With her smiling face
Africa, that’s her place…

African beauty
That’s my African lady
Beautiful with her piercing ear
My benevolent African lady
Recognised with her Africa dressing attire

African lady
Brought up in good home land
And perfect in cooking luscious meal
Ampling whenever she’s dancing
To any Africa music

African lady with respectful tune of voice
To her husband, she gives subtle words
And never heed to hypocrite words
Nor haste to avaracious
That’s my African lady

written by

Ogunwole Abdulazeez Olanshile

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