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African Boy


I was born on the land
when the sun neither sets
nor rises. Where the stone is
tender than the heat.

I was born in the noisy marketplace
where the muted calls of a seller
is louder than sahara calls. where
feet never ceases to tread.

I was born on the street of hope:
into the noisy corners
Born on the burning mountain
of automobiles honking.

Born into the cries
of youngsters. Born
into the song of birth.
I am an African boy.

I was born on the softened sand
with naked feet- without bata
joined on the dance of ‘bata’.

Born on the bossom of my
mother’s breast.
coupled with
seven beats
seven cowries
seven words
and seven bangles
seven nuts,
seven smiles
and seven tears
seven toils
and one harvest.

I am an african boy.

gathered with faithful children
sing the lullaby of songs

gathered with hopeful children
listening to the tales on a moonful night.

I am an african boy.
the son of deeps
stronger than life
but weaker than death.
let me live, I am an african boy.


Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

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