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logodWORD UP 411 is an entertainment site with core focus on Poetry and Spoken Word, in order to provide a platform for poets and poetry lovers to express their gifts, talents and thoughts whether written, spoken and/ or performed.

WORD UP 411 is a “one-stop shop” for anyone looking for a wonderful spoken word poetry experience, well written and captivating poems, articles on poetry and spoken word, interviews with established and upcoming poets, information on poetry events and also information on related genres of entertainment.


To develop a vibrant and profitable Spoken Word Poetry industry in Nigeria, Africa and beyond, thereby creating opportunities for millions of people especially the youths to express their God given talent and make a very decent living from it.


To build capacity in people using Spoken Word Poetry as a tool of impact, mode of expression and a medium of communication to address, (as well as, solve) issues that affect the society such as education, employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment, expression, entertainment, emotional therapy and emotional intelligence..

We have an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page set up so that information can be released easily, as most people have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Having a page on those social media services will allow for constant feedback on our site, articles, events, performances and general enquiries and information.




Olumide Holloway, better known as “Olulu, the King not from Zulu” is a Writer and Spoken Word Poet.  He is also a Poetprenuer, Author, content provider and concept developer. He is passionate about Spoken Word Poetry and believes everyone should do what they love, and love what they do. That way, we can all be loving life and living love, and get paid for building businesses around our passion.


Daniel ”Dannie” Ikekhuah is a writer, a biographer, and a passionate lover of spoken word poetry. An honours degree holder, Dannie’s personal vision for wordup411ng.com is to ‘build an unrivalled site that would serve as the melting pot for poetry and allied arts.’ He makes his home in Lagos, Nigeria with his lovely family


Babatunde Quazeem: One of his greatest passions is helping brands come alive. He loves taking verbal ideas and developing a creative way to capture both the information and the emotion that the event/production is trying to show. He has the expertise to coordinate all aspects of a project, from concept to execution, and he is a huge fan of the creative arts genre.


Ayodeji Oladehinde aka Aydgee is an Associate member of ICAN but he is more at home with a camera than with a suit and a tie crunching figures. The magic of photography has not only intrigued him, but the translation from the click of the shutter to a finished image has always amazed him. He is also a very good event manager, voracious reader and poetry lover.


Fabian Duru a.k.a. Don Fabrino is a lover of GOOD art in all its various genres. A writer and a blogger who loves non-academic reading so much that he intends to install a library in his toilet. A part-time poet who does more of writing than performing #PerformsOnlyWhenHigh…lol…*justkidding*.  Fabian foresees a future where poetry will be a catalyst for the Nigerian renaissance.

Fabian like Wole Soyinka knows that perfection is not possible; however, the quest for perfection has a way of producing excellence. He is a dude that will ALWAYS see the other side of issues/discourse.

He is a very experienced Master of Ceremonies/Compere and has anchored over 100 events in Lagos, Oyo, Ogun and Akwa Ibom States.


Eduvie Oyaide a.k.a. Duvy, first (and only) lady of the team is a writer, blogger and a very experienced Emcee. She is very creative, organised, detailed and a calming influence on the “boys.” She has traveled widely and is happily married to her “sunshine.”

WordUp411ng.com is owned and managed by i2X Media Company Limited.

ABOUT i2X Media

i2X Media is a Social Enterprise involved in the promotion of education, arts, culture and entertainment, as well as, a major organizer of Spoken Word Poetry Events in Nigeria. We are passionate about Spoken Word Poetry as a genre of entertainment, a tool to increase the level of literacya means of livelihood and a medium of communication among people across the globe.
Our purpose is to build capacity in people using Spoken Word Poetry as a tool of impact, mode of expression and as a medium of communication to address, (as well as, solve) issues that affect the society such as education, employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment, expression, entertainment, emotional therapy and emotional intelligence..

We have 3 major events that we organize, and they are as follows:

1.    WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event). 

This is an annual show that features the best Spoken Word Poets in Nigeria all on one stage. It is a major platform for aspiring and established poets across the globe.

Previous editions of Word Up events saw Internationally Renowned Spoken Word Poets from Namibia, England and America grace the stage. We also feature celebrities who come on stage to read, recite and/or perform poems. It is the stage to be for aspiring and established poets.

Word Up is arguably the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria, and from August 2012 till date, 9 editions of Word Up have been held and provided the much needed visibility for Brands we partnered with. 

The event holds annually.


 2.     War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition)

This is a performance poetry/spoken word competition that grooms and promote exciting young poets, as well as, allow poets from all over Nigeria compete against each other to showcase their creativity to the world.

What makes this event exciting is that the Brand(s) that partner with us receives leverage as the entries are centered around the brand’s values and other such matters they might want promoted online.

The competition is usually both online and on stage involving article/ poem writing, video presentations, and Performance Poetry. Thus it provides exciting content and visibility (online and offline) for brands that partner with us.

There are cash prizes for the top 3 poets and partners also offer additional gifts of value to the winning poets.

The event holds annually.

3.     Word Up Talk Series (a Seminar/Workshop on the Business of Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria).

We offer workshops, training and tips to empower poets and aspiring poets on how to write and perform good poems as well as turn it into profit.

Our contacts details are as follows:

Email address: holla |at| wordup411ng |dot| com, wordup4one1 |at| gmail |dot| com,

olulu4ever |at| gmail |dot| com

Telephone: +2348025070892, +2347068400846, +2348038315055, +2348080918265.