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A Tunnel blues.


I stood there a travelling man

with nothing less than my surviving soul:

duffel bag, dusty foot, pale skin,

shredded leaflets-full of scribbled dreams.

Blame that on sunrises and sunsets of days past

for being my angels while threading those lonely miles.


Lonely miles..lonely miles ?

Nah , not really about those strange lonely miles.

This is all about what happened after standing there a travelling man ?


Yes ,It was the tunnel that I saw before me,

it was dark, it was too big only for half-a-man.

So I had to crawl through half -a-man

with so much of my ego trimmed off the edges.

And it wasn’t easy walking on hot coals and sharp edged pebbles

they made me think twice about denouncing the sacrifice that got me sprung.



I kept the gaze on the firmament at the end -the shinning trophy.

I broke all laws, fought all  bending forces

and finally got my sore hands on the torch :

my victory in technicolor.


But this torch bearer

just found out the light in his hand

marks the beginning of another tunnel.


sigh!…….’.keep moving’ that’s what Life says !


The journey stops when your life -clock stops.……



Ayowole ‘Havalanche’ Awoyemi

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