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A Stitch on a Little Flag


A Stitch on a Little Flag  by Frank Onuoha

Weeks ago,

I bought a cute little flag

From a kind little lady

Deep bright greens adorn its two sides

In the middle was white

As pure-snow as the untamed furs of a ram

But it was torn at the edge

And flew in the wind like a dried leaf

In the Sahara desert of the north

‘Return it, after all it is not your fault’

A disgusted voice cautioned

‘You can get a better one, you paid for it’

Another voice said

But yet one more voice –


Almost drowned out in the avalanche of dissent

‘You can do something about it’

It says

‘Stitch by stitch,’ says the thoughtful voice

A thread and a needle

A teaspoon of patience

A possibility sowed

On a helm wearied by despair

Your cute little flag flies again

Strong and united


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