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A Review of Yomi Jemibewon’s book – Risk and Return.


The first book I finished reading this 2019 was Risk and Return by Yomi Jemibewon.

The lessons in the book are numerous and awesome. However, the key lesson for me is not in the main story, it is a business principle that helps business succeed.

In the book, Yomi’s company financed/ started a Quarry Business which was quite far from any major town. Fortunately for the workers, management allowed a woman to come and sell food to them and later on, she got a place on site to cook and sell. In the story, we learnt the woman’s child(ren) was/ were able to attend and finish school from the income she earned from the business.

What is the business principle behind the woman’s success? Find your starving crowd by Gary Halbert.

For any business to succeed you need a starving crowd that needs/ wants what you have to offer. In certain circumstances, your offer might not be the best, but based on location, competitive advantage or some other factor, the crowd has no choice but to patronize you. The key thing to note is that there is a market for every product, but no product for every market.

In the book under review, the woman found a starving crowd who due to location had no choice but to buy from her…..to be continued.


Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)

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