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A review of Kola Olugbodi’s book – Through It All


Just finished my 4th book for 2019, “Through It All” by Kola Olugbodi. A number of lessons stand out, but I will state just three:

1. The importance of a close relationship God.

2. Follow your heart, use your head.

3. Take things out of your head and put it on paper.

These three stood out in the story of how the author got his bride. He had thrice in three consecutive years, asked his lady friend (now wife) to marry him, and each time she said “No.” This was mainly because of his physical challenge i.e. he was affected by polio as a child.

In the 4th year he was divinely inspired to ask again. But this time he changed tactics, and instead of visiting her, he wrote a 6 page foolscap sheet letter to her, detailing the following:

a. Why ( he is coming back again)

b. How (matured they are now)

c. What (she needed to do i.e. search her heart for what God has put in there).

After ensuring she had read the letter, he visited to get an answer. The answer was not immediate but it was not a “No.” Several days later, he got a “yes.”

When God gives an instruction, we need to apply wisdom in carrying it out and what is written is usually easy to refer to time and time again than what is spoken.


Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)

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