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A review by Olumide Holloway of Stephanie Obi’s book titled Knowledge is the new Gold.


I have a lot of books that I’m reading at the same time so that my mind can mix different concepts/ subject matters into one meaningful strategy. So finishing my 6th book of 2019 meant it was a book that drew and deserved a lot of my attention. Which book is this? Well, it is titled, Knowledge is the new Gold by Stephanie Obi.

The book is primarily about how to turn your knowledge into an online course that makes money and impact lives.

However, the lessons therein are applicable to everyday living and business activities. I will try and drill down into 4 things: Why, How, What, and What next?

Why is knowledge the new gold?

There is a growing deep thirst for knowledge, especially as people want direct answers and are willing to pay someone who has done all the research, made all the mistakes, experimented and gotten results.

How is my knowledge beneficial (or gold) to people?

People pay for knowledge because they are looking for solutions to their problems, not information. So if you can solve a problem for people, you will get paid.

What knowledge can I teach?

Lessons learnt from pain, praise/pleasure and process/experience.

What next?

Define your niche, find your market, highlight your USP (i.e. Unique Selling Point), attract your customers/ clients and start selling.

Hope this helps you.


Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu, not from Zulu

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