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A Quiet Place 2


One movie that I’m anticipating is “A Quiet Place 2.”

I just watched the part 1 this early May and I love it.

The movie is almost like the “usual” Invasion of Earth by human eating aliens.

However, there is one tiny detail that makes it totally different from the usual alien movies.

The aliens are super fast, have armored bodies, are scarily ugly looking with sword like claws.

But…the aliens are blind.

So if you stand perfectly still or walk perfectly quiet, you won’t get eaten 😜😜😜.

Now throw into that mix, a deaf daughter, and a pregnant wife.
How do you give birth in silence?
Or tell a new born to not cry?
Crazy, right?

The things I love about the movie is the way the writer/ director flipped the script to make the alien perfectly imperfect. And for most part of the movie, no words were spoken, just sign language.

I think that is what the business of creativity should embody.
Flip the script.

I know of a poet (78th Psalmist) in which in his spoken word piece, he acted like the translator for a dumb boy who was a victim of domestic violence.
That piece gave me goose pimples.

Go watch the movie if your heart “gree” you.
Whether or not, you watch the movie, as you live, learn to flip the script. Do the unusual. Be different.

It will always catch attention and make you stand out till you become outstanding.

Thank you for reading my TED talk.

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu.



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