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A journey into the silence of the mind



A frown, a little smile

Then the rupture of laughter

The argghs, the hmmms and the mtchew

Just sounds escaping through the silence of the mind

No stressed syllables just expressions

Baked in the oven of emotions.



Stand, sit, up and down again

A swing to the right a bit to the left;

A walking pendullum dangling confusedly

Abrupt, resolute, lost and back to life again.

Then another dry laughter made wet

By the streaming tears descending the hole in the mountain.



A nod of the head, a gesture

Finger pointed at the air

Waving here and there

In rhythm with the head.

A glance at the wall

And there on a frame boldly written

Learn to be back on your feet when you fall.



So provoking to see plaques become plague

And meadows a greenery of thorns

How many ever learnt to stand again?

How many even learnt to crawl again-

After a fatal blow while ascending lofty heights?



Just silence

Wails of silence

Behold the eyes in pretence

For words, words may bring down this wall

I mean this wall of silence

That has become a fortress to this agony.



Just a journey into the silence of the mind

A long walk in the shadows of grief

Hope and hopelessness.

A journey of life’s trepidation

Behind the veil of imperfection.




(C) Ayinla Muyideen Adeleke‎


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