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When the sun is hot,
and the heat is great,
and the rays are burning your neck and face,
the answer is garri, soaked in a hurry.
There is nothing like a cup of garri.

If the going is rough,
and your life gets tough,
and rice and beans is not in your reach.
Get water, Two naira sugar, don’t tarry,
your meal is ready, a nice cup of garri.

You’re old and I’m young.
different will we ever be,
arguing and fighting constantly.
but garri is the answer for you and for me,
whether old you are or young I be.

Rich man, Poor man.
the methods may vary,
with milk and sugar or just ordinary.
The outcome is super you’ll never be sorry,
for there is nothing like a cup of garri.

C Robert Egbe, May 4

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