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What is the colour of Poetry and why?


Obinna Omotayo Jones Black, because it needs light of intellect.

Olayinka Samson Aremu Blue. It’s the colour of nobility, knowledge , literacy, intellectualism. Everything good, everything bad, everything about life happen under the BLUE sky that makes poetry everything. Blue means education and poetry is for the learned.

Ran Footss It’s every colour

Kanma Emmanuel Samuel Red, because it’s life.

Joolrie Harriet Without blood, there is no life. Red it is for me. The rest, a history…

Oliver Onyibe Poetry is like earth, birthing and nurturing knowledge.

Phamily Man The Colour Of Poetry Is Nature!

Kemjy Xtien Its purple, it lifts the mind and grants the soul royalty

Daisy Odey Poetry is the color of light. It pretends to be one single color but then passing through people it becomes all the colors of the rainbow.

Ejiro Edward Red..it conveys depression.love.hatred.depths of emotions depths of thought

CP Kings white…it brings peace

Akinbode Israel. White ; a combination of all colors.

Oparaocha Sandra Poetry has the colour of life-all shades of colours.

Ezeani David Harrison It’s

Yettie Sweetie its definately green! like healthy leaves..

Caleb Asset Poetry is red. Red is the colour for emotions i.e love, hatred, sadness etc.

Sunday Odikemmere Onwuegbu poetry is white. white symbolizes purity. poetry purify the soul, lift the spirit and quench thirsty soul.

Sonuga Oladapo Adenowo Poetry should be White!…Cos its abt the illumination of the soul and mind!.

Chioma Ibegbunam Its Red..it shouts…it speaks…it’s never scared to be spoken

Otareri Enoh Samuel Poetry is grey. All our evil and good, our fears and triumph, nights and days, all represented in the intangibilities of its excence; poetry is a cat caught in the grey glare of reason. Only a shut eye beholds its meaning…

Alozor Michael Ikechukwu Green for it is evergreen.

Rudolph Ruddapoet Poetry is black, signifies freedom from bondage, darkness, slavery of thoughts freed by words, it is the reverberating echoe of a hopeful light piercing the end of the tunnel through imagery, imagination, metaphors etcetera

Emmanuella Edun-Adedeji Purple! Because Poetry is the language of Royalty! It takes a sound/noble mind to dole out verses of reality!

Arogundade Rebecca It’s colourful like rainbow. It’s life indeed. It speaks life events! With great figures,words n phonic accurately. It awaken souls with sound melody. It’s lawful indeed.

Lolah Lyrical Kay Poetry is Purple! It represents power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic and all this more is poetry!!!!!!

Nura Ahmad Poetry is White they say, but I thought it should have a tint of green. If the white is peace the green should be life. Supposed it’s a tree, the stem should be red as the colour of blood. The roots should be black hidden dip in the soil. During the day, half of it exposed in the sun, while the other half concealed by the shadow. In the night the whole of it is consumed by the doom of night but never consumed by the dreaded doom of death. Such indeed is the colour of a poetry and the why it should be.

Craig Wright Poetry is every single colour combined in unity, to show us the purity that oneness contributes to our society. A certain kind of passion and love that can only be contributed to us by God above, which makes me feel inclined to cross over the line and discover the refined kindness that poetry defines.

Igbor Clemency Green Are we arguing this? Green o jaare

Vbede Eruteya Poetry is GREEN, so fresh and natural daily, with new creative branches sprouting and blossoming with life…

Usman Abd Maruf Poetry is colourless,it gives d color of d reader/listener,poem is lyk a mirror which u dont c anything except image of d object in its front

Funke Michaels Rainbow colors! Because like love, it is beautiful from every angle. And rich in every hue.

Chijioke C-jay Olisah Poetry is pink
Cos its attractive,,it can never be hated it has a love bondage, the initial phrase might not make sense but when u read on, you will fall in love, it’s glowing, it has an affection..Ladies love pink, so poetry is pink, its like a fresh cute gorgeous lady, you can never ignore it, the words are sublime , the sentence are refined and completion is mind-occupying.
Never mistake the colour of poetry coz poetry is love and pink is the colour..

I love poetry

Sam de Poet Poetry comes in all shades…

Barfee Gideon Poetry is every colour because every colour, and everything, is poetry.

Hillary Ugo Uzomba Water. its colour is the absence of colour


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