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4, 3, 2, 1… 2020 was a great year!!!


There are 4 steps you can take to ensure you meet your expectations and even surpass it within a reasonable time frame.

They are:

What would you start doing?
What would you stop doing?
What would you do more of?
What would you do less of?

There are 3 things that will shape your life and align you to purpose (or derail you if you allow it).


People you meet, connect with and build a relationship.
Places you go to relax, to mediate, for exposure or perhaps to kill time.
Events you attend to upgrade your knowledge/ skill/ information.

There are 2 things you utilize every day, every week, every month, and every year till you expire.

The positive or negative outcome of the utilization depends on how you use it.

They are:
Time usage
Energy deployment

Please note that killing time is not murder, it is suicide.
And whether you are aware or not, you channel your energy into something daily.

There is 1 thing you must constantly do to stay ahead of the chasing pack in your area of core competence/ niche /market.
You can either be a market leader in your sector or be part of the others.
Leaders dominate, they don’t compete.

This 1 thing is:
Invest in upgrading your knowledge/ skill/ information.

The more you know, the more clinical the moves you make.
You are not making waves cos you are not making moves.

4, 3, 2, 1…

What you do with what I have stated is left to you.
However, I’m available to further help you decipher any area that requires more clarity.

King Olulu, not from Zulu

Twitter @olulu4ever

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