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13 years a bank worker, and I left to become a full time POET


I got into the Bank in May 2006. It was my first “real” job and I was happy about it. By June 2007, I wrote my first resignation letter, and from that time till 2018, I have written yearly revised edition of my resignation letter. Somehow I felt and knew banking was not something I wanted to spend my best years doing.

As at that time, I was not too sure what I wanted to do, but I knew it was not banking because I felt I was doing somebody else’s job, someone who will love the job more than I do.

By 2009, I had started publication of a bi-monthly satire magazine tagged, F-Factor.

By 2010, I started performing spoken word poetry.

By 2011, I was deep into research on spoken word poetry, as it concerns performance, events, business and industry growth.

By 2012, my friends and I started organizing spoken word poetry events.

In October 2014, a guest minister (Olakunle Soriyan) to my church had an epiphany during the 2nd service, which I attended after dropping my family at home at the end of the first service.

He mentioned that someone in church was involved in poetry and that the person should continue, though it will be difficult, but there was a path to greatness therein.

How I survived after each of our major events is something I am yet to understand, cos my cash flow took hits after hits.

But God stayed true and well, my wife did not decide to leave me 😊.

How did God stay true?

I came into the bank as a Banking Assistant, (was promoted to SBA, to BO, to SBO) and now I’m leaving as an Assistant Manager.

By my calculation I missed out on only 1 (or maybe 2) promotion exercise(s).

However, combining my banking job with my daily poetry activities (i.e. updating our website, social media accounts management, writing, marketing, proposal/ sales presentation, mentoring, teaching, performing and organizing events) has been crazy.

I had always prayed and hoped for a big deal to come so I can resign.

Well, we got some deals, but nothing big enough to match our dreams/ vision and ambition.

What’s our ambition? For our slam poetry competition to become a profitable global franchise.

Sometime in late 2014, I heard a guy say, “career frustration does not go, it grows until you do something deliberate about it.”

And then a lady added, “the reason why you feel rejected is because you are around people who can’t perceive and appreciate your value, .”

I tried as much as I could, but those words stayed unforgotten.

So I started to put my house in order, tried to save the much I could save and waited for a sign from God.

Well, I waited over 3 years for the sign. I even prayed to get sacked, at least that would be a clear sign to move on.

During the period that I was waiting, I have written 4 E-books and countless numbers of poems and articles.

A few of my poems were actually suicide notes. Yeah, yeah, I did romance the idea of suicide but I didn’t kill myself, did I?

I got my sign on Monday January 21, 2019, and Thursday February 28, 2019 marks the end of my life as a bank worker.

It is said, “it is not the speed of succeeding that really matters, but the depth of insight picked up along the journey.”

Thus, I have had the opportunity to learn, to grow and to become…now I am moving on to go “live life before life leaves me.”

On me last day at work, a friend pulled me aside and said, “hope you know entrepreneurship is not easy.”

I smiled and replied, “easy is boring, all I seek is to love people, help people, bless people and serve people.”

Thus, I bid myself welcome to the life of a full time Poet-preneur, Writer, Event Manager and Spoken Word Poet.

Olumide Holloway (aka King Olulu, not from Zulu)

Building Capacity in people using words and poetry


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