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WHY? by Osagie Alex


Trends really don’t last,
Just like fake friends,
People to busy to make amends,
So a blend of sea water and tap water is still water put taste differ.
Life’s funny transition “Boo” becomes “Who” and “Who” becomes “Boo”, ironic in it, a Satire that makes me Tire.

I once saw a display picture,
Of a boy who displayed passion as he had two big rocks on his ear,
With a caption on it, listening to rock music.
Then in my mind a light bulb click,
If he did that for rock music,
What will he have up his sleeve for Jazz, Pop, Reggae, RnB or Classical music.

I observe students burn the midnight oil,
I really demanding toil,
But soon as exams are done with,
Even sign boards they don’t read it.
Its foolhardy to painstakingly prepare for school’s exam,
And be unprepared for life’s exam.
The former comes at the end of semester,
The later comes every day.
Don’t make an A in school
Then make a D in life,
That’s the mildest definition of a fool.

My words so simple
you spot them like pimple
No need for a dictionary,
The diction are ordinary everyday vocabulary,
So you could pass it for elementary,
Cause you never get to secondary without primary.

No pun intended I’m not a nun,
Didn’t school in the monastery or seminary,
But poetry made me become a missionary,
My words filled with one and zero like its binary,
Speaking and living truth,
Indeed this is the living truth.

Ghandi envisage Upendi,
He said be the change you want to see,
Batunde the BRT conductor always say enter with change,
But from all life has taught me,
With experience now my degree,
I cease to want to see any change.
If there is no God in it,
Cause like some goods made in China,
Such change won’t last.

Many times we live life oblivious of WHY
We passionate about WHAT,
We even loose worth,
But everyone ought to begin with WHY,
Cause that’s the answer to many of life’s questions.
At the end of each day,
When the sun sets and friends are gone,
You still live with you,
Will you regret or just try to forget.

The WHY may not make sense now,
But that’s what gives you drive.
I once saw an artiste paint a beautiful masterpiece in few minutes from splashing paint on a plain board,
When he began I wondered with it will turn out to,
I thought he didn’t know what he was doing,
But he had a WHY, and when he was done,
his why had answered my what,
the why gives you drive,
Not on autopilot or cruise control,
But steady acceleration in the right direction.
You smile even when you cry,
Enduring the pains for the joy ahead and gains,
WHY, gives your life a meaning,
And a purpose for living.

The moment anyone discovers Why,
That’s the day life truly begins,
Prior to that was merely existing.
True fulfillment is not in achievement alone,
But satisfaction in alignment to the Why,
So before you smile or even say hi,
Always be sure you know and comprehend your WHY!
Oops I’m out if time,
Need to be following my own why,
I’m not in the business of blowing minds,
He is mine, she is mine, hope they don’t mind if I ask their WHY.


Picture Source: http://tourdash.com/tourdash-the-why-and-the-how/

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