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Poems by Adeolu Talabi




Rainy day

The sky is grey and somber
The air is light and cool
It prickles my body
In tiny cold itches

Couples snuggle up
Cozily in secured rooms
Transferring warmth
To keep the cold at bay

The leaves are shedding tears
Trickling down in drops
Being severely lashed
By torrents from above

The ground is soft and sodden
With varied pools
Waiting for the sun
To come lick them up

But the sun has hidden its face!
Shying from us today
The blanket of cold and grey
Its radiance keeping at bay.


Adeolu Talabi



Sir, please do mind the gang plank
My frontage sunk – frothing below ground
Sits abreast the lagoon
And the rain of yesterday
Flooded my mouth with grime.
Do mind that shylock of a landlord
The many times he has increased
My rate of hire
Notwithstanding the dilapidation
As the tenants cry foul
Complaining bitter about the exploitation
And my ailing state.
Aaaaah! My head! My head!
Petered with hail
Perforated like a sieve, rusted
Needs mending lest it flaps loose
Yesterday, it, in frailness nearly blew off
Assaulted by the wind
The joints shaken loose
With the trusses in fright
And the only vestige being the caliber.
My spine
A primary sign divisor of the tenement
And would-be court of the hell holes
Is narrow like the throat.
Now he says to give me colour
A decoration of my façade in vain
A message, a lie
Because my plaster: unpretentious
Is one with and accustomed to
The elements.


Adeolu Talabi

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