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pHisayo: I am a rebel child of the Muses #WordUpVol9


pHisayo is not one thing, she is anything she sets her heart to. One of the biggest passions of her life is poetry and Spoken word.(null)

The ability to throw words at a loom and weave intricate patterns and colors of them will always fascinate pHisayo.

Her verses are loose, free verse and often non-conformist because pHisayo herself is the autistic, dyslexic and rebel child of the Muses.

Expect her to be unapologetically cryptic, but prepare to be spellbound when she enters her persona of spoken word handmaiden.

pHisayo has shared poetic space with other worthy Poets at gatherings including Taruwa, Freedom Hall, Chill and Relax, Life House and at Terra Kulture. She doesn’t come out often but she often comes out strong!

Her cryptic musings can be seen all over her timeline on Twitter @pHisayo, and she owns greyedoutzone.blogspot.com.

She will be live on stage at Word Up Volume 9 this Saturday March 21, 2015 from 2pm at TerraKulture, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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