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My experience at War Of Words Season 6 #WarOfWords6 – Ajijola Habeeb aka The Beloved

Toby, Don Fabrino (Emcee) and Habeeb

Okay, so let’s start this story from here.

Yesterday was awesome in all of it’s shade.

But the highlight of yesterday would be the Grand Final of the Biggest Poetry Slam in the whole of Nigeria, if not Africa sef, #WarofWords6. So I’m going to start with the STORY OF SMALL VICTORIES.

Everyone who knows me well enough knows that poetry is my first profession, I’ve abandoned business that would earn me reasonable money to go and perform poetry for free on numerous occasions. While I was still employed I received a query because I left the office to attend one of the masterclasses at Lagos International Poetry Festival 2015.
This post is not about my love or sacrifice for poetry, it is about yesterday.

Almost 2 years after my last poetry slam (which I won, not War Of Words o) I decided to compete in a poetry slam again. I had told myself I won’t slam again, majorly because work and other hustles weren’t accommodating

any other thing and also because one mind dey tell me say if I go slam with all these new poets way dey hot like this, na disgrace I go just disgrace myself.Well, the long story short, I entered for War of Words 6 poetry slam. The semi finals was last week and I missed out on the automatic qualification spots, I placed 6th and only the first 5 in each semi final gets automatic slots, so I had to solicit for votes online to make it to the finals. Inside my mind I was already feeling, ehn ehn the disgrace don start already.

I won the online voting slot by one vote against the 7th placed poet. Fast forward to yesterday, the finals. It was awesome, the quality of poems and poets left me “flabber-whelmed” and “over-gasted.”

I didn’t win the slam, I was second runner up, but I felt as contented as any other poet who competed yesterday. Even though it would have made a whole lot of sense if I had won the maximum 150k prize money obtainable.

I did a poem in the final round and I saw tears in the eyes of one of the judges. That feeling that your words were good enough to do that, you guys won’t understand how I felt, to see people on their feets, screaming out their lungs, that experience, that feeling, it’s bliss.

I was blown away by so many performances, I became a fan to so many awesome spoken word poets yesterday, Wayne SamuelPaul Njoku Chibuike HenryToby AbiodunPrince Charlee you guys were amazing.

Thanks to King Olulu Holloway and i2x media for putting together war of words.

Let me be the first person to congratulate myself.
Congratulations Habeeb, you did well


Editor’s Note: Habeeb was the 2nd runner up at the grand final of the competition.

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