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If wishes were horses


If wishes were horses, beggars will ride.

And of a fact, if wishes were horses,

I would probably be a cowboy all my life,

But alas, wishes are not horses,

Thus I can’t ride,

But if they were;

I would wish to be the wind,

to gently blow and caress your cheeks,

I would wish to be the sun,

to cast my graze on your face unflinchingly,

I would wish to be a nightingale,

to sing sweet songs into your ears

I would wish to be your jacket,

for you to draw me closer whenever you are feeling cold.

I would wish I was your pillow,

for you to lay your head on and hold me close all night long.

But then,

If I had just one wish, I would wish for you to love me,

Just the way, I love you.

If I was an artist,

I will draw you with the best colours.

If I was an actor,

I will try to always do the right things.

If I was a singer,

I will try to find a melody as beautiful as you.

If I was an orator,

I will use the right words to impress you.

But as am neither of the above,

For I am just me,

And as I am me,

I will love you as much as I can till infinity and beyond.


King Olulu

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