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Emptied by KIS


Today i realized I have forgotten your face!
As I shaved, I searched my mind
for memories, or their ghosts
but I drew blank.
So I cut myself with my razor –
like you did the day you first shaved me
thinking the pain would bring back your face.

It did not!

I tried, as I poured a cup of lemon grass tea
into my flask, to remember your face –
perhaps a contour or a dimple
and drew blank.
So I spilled tea on my fingers –
thinking it could scald my forgetfulness
and scare memories out of the alleys of my mind.

It did not!

So today I will urge my feet into your room
with a razor in one hand and an open
flask clutched in the other.
Perhaps I will find you
when I split my veins
and empty myself into this flask
as you emptied yourself into my life.

(C) Kukogho I Samson (KIS)

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