Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Poem | 20 by Wana Wana

https://youtu.be/FsNaMVVNhjE '20' is the eight track off my sophomore poetry album titled 'In memory of forgetting' The poem explores love, sensuality and sexual agency. The...

Charlee Vs JYC || Spoken Word Poetry #WarOfWords6

https://youtu.be/HG8G_Mqy73w Charlee Vs JYC at the Grand Final of War Of Words Season 6 Slam Poetry Competition that held in Lagos, Nigeria. The event is...

Love Stories by Orode Uwawah || Spoken Word Poetry

https://youtu.be/CxPcihBETmg Who knew some love stories could be about every other thing except love? This one love poem is loaded with countless love stories to...

Letter to God by Philip Asaya


Be Blunt by Sophia Thakur || SPOKEN WORD POETRY

https://youtu.be/8HXYGbw-2o4 Poet// Sophia Thakur @Sophiathakur www.soundcloud.com/sophiathakur www.sophiathakur.tumblr.com Guitarist// Fee Daisal @FeeDaisal www.soundcloud.com/Deefaisal Filmed and edited by Jamal Anthony @JamalAnthony1

Swim (Tell The Water) by Titilope Sonuga

https://youtu.be/g4WgjZInG9I Titilope Sonuga performs Swim (Tell The Water) at the June 25th, 2017 edition of the Open Series in Lagos, Nigeria

I Love You | Spoken Word Poetry by Sarah Lyoness


The Bond Between by Ahlaam (Spoken Word)

https://youtu.be/5uHZcVc3gMM For booking and inquires contact Ahlaam via email BookLalaAbdul@gmail.com Facebook: Ahlaam Lala Abduljalil Twitter: @AhlaamLoves Instagram: @AhlaamAbduljalil Tumblr: Ahlaamloves.tumblr.com Video Edited by Ahlaam Abduljalil & Manny Fresco Video Shot By...

Defining Love by Grace Hayes

  https://youtu.be/M9S8K6M487g When people ask him if they are loved He laughs at the biggest understatement of a word there is Of a feeling there is, of a...

STAND || Spoken Word

https://youtu.be/GzFd5vGl4Nk This poem was written for Jeff Voth's new book "Defending the Feminine Heart" - Order it here: https://www.amazon.com/Defending-Feminine-Heart-Masculine-Daughters/dp/1938021452