Thursday, August 24, 2017

Video(s) of the week

Video(s) of the week

Marketing Your Poetry by Nouri Sardar  

Make Love by LipsOfLove | Spoken Word Poetry Featuring my brother! Come love with me! Twitter: @vintagegawd IG: vintagegawd

Why Writing a Book is the Best Thing I Ever Did | Jack Canfield I want to share with you why writing a book was the wisest things I ever did. Not only did it help me share...

Last night I had intercourse by pHisayo Last night I had intercourse Illicit I didn't sleep a wink for the intensity of the affair Shameless abandon Heartache wrapped insatiable, desperate jealous limbs all around...

Egypt by Safia Elhillo

You Are Enough || Spoken Word Poetry   Join this ministry: FB: Instagram: Shirts: Snapchat: ClaytonJ300 Novels: Booking Email: Website: SUBSCRIBE/COMMENT/SHARE

Doing It Wrong by Alysia Harris and Miles Hodges Alysia Harris and Miles Hodges featuring Nick Hakim performing "Doing It Wrong" live at The Strivers Row showcase, Dean's List 3. http://www.facebook/thestriversrow

Spoken Word Poetry by Shemang  

Rainwater || Spoken Word By Cynthia Amoah This video is the perfect example of imperfection and the epitome of what Dr. King meant by "I Have A Dream." I am imperfect,...

Alien Suite by Safia Elhillo Safia Elhillo - "Alien Suite" (CUPSI 2016) This performance is a medley of the following poems: vocabulary an inheritance a brief history of silence/the last time marvin gaye...