Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Broda yi jor…!!!

http://youtu.be/UDiDOmD99Sg Olulu (the King not from Zulu) doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece titled, "Broda yi jor," at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love...

High On Word…name or a statement of fact???

http://youtu.be/Vo3krj5Id5g High On Word is the life status of Rrexclewp (pronounced as Rreckscluepee) whose birth and official name is Richard Abutu. His love for poetry...

Nicki Minaj by Jasmine Mans

https://youtu.be/95EIcIHU20s   ///////LYRICS/////// You are being traded paper in exchange for you to be plastic All Dolls will evidentially mal-function (I don't even know why you girls bother at...

Christmas – A Spoken Word


Wings by Solar speaks #WOWAfrica

https://youtu.be/MChQ1_7osNE Once upon a boy Light skinned like golden fire the black sheep of the family’s flock of five. The villain locked out all night to learn life in...

WORD UP 411 TV Show episode 1

https://youtu.be/3mrA-1Km-j0 WORD UP 411 is a TV show that is all about Poetry and Literary arts in Nigeria and beyond.  

Outspoken Bean – L.I.P. (Moment of Noise)

https://youtu.be/HsoCFY2xWg8 Outspoken Bean performing L.I.P. (Moment of Noise) at Mic Check Poetry in Bryan, Tx. About Write About Now: WAN Poetry is a community-oriented collective of poets...

The Prostitute || Spoken Word Poetry

https://youtu.be/N9jGPtVBHfQ @iamthinkingpen || The Prostitute || Spokenword Performed live at the Uniben Main Auditorium @ Graham Garrick Words Unspoken

Guante: Spoken Word Poetry Tips, Tools and Tactics (Part 1)

https://youtu.be/6JXXJb5TQPU This is the first in a series of videos sharing strategies for anyone interested in writing and performing spoken-word and slam poetry. In future...

Black Ice: PURE (Spoken Word Poetry)

https://youtu.be/tGm0j2eqnPg The Tony, Peabody and Emmy Award winning, 6 time HBO Def Poet Black Ice is credited with being a major pioneer of this millennium...