Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Only You || Spoken Word Poetry by Michael Anthony

This is a piece I wrote back in 2009. It was inspired by this thought of meeting my wife, what that would be like,...

A Million Pieces | Spoken Word | Jon Jorgenson

https://youtu.be/QLUIyXmm3TU We all have felt broken, let down, and practically shattered to pieces. How do you build yourself back up from such a low point?...

‘Shoulders’ by Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long

https://youtu.be/An4a-_NjilY “There will be no other thing as worth saving as this. Nothing more important, nothing as precious. This is home.” Watch, share, and join...

Family by Uche Uwadinachi (Spoken Word Poetry)

https://youtu.be/gPs9h7Yv8m0 Uche Uwadinachi performing on stage at Word Up Volume 9 #WordUpVol9 organised by i2X Media Company Limited.

How to get ideas for Spoken Word Poetry | Jon Jorgenson

https://youtu.be/iPjxDL2usb8 Five spark for getting inspired for your poem Speaker: @jonjorgenson

Branding yourself as a Poet by Shina Atilola

http://youtu.be/F2svhHcKhYU Word Up Talk Series i.e. the seminar on the Business of Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria which held on 14.09.13 at Bogobiri, Ikoyi, Lagos....

How to win Season 6 of War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition) #WarOfWords6

  Be as fast and sweet sounding as Titi Mabogunje, Winner of War Of Words Season 1. http://youtu.be/9ZVnygBI-WM Titi Mabogunje performing at War Of Words 1 (Slam Poetry...

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Mayda Del Valle


Since God Chose You | Spoken Word | Jon Jorgenson

https://youtu.be/vzXy_97tyDI Since God Chose You | Spoken Word | Jon Jorgenson    

“Rekia Boyd” by Porsha Olayiwola (Spoken Word)