Thursday, February 22, 2018

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I Love You | Spoken Word Poetry by Sarah Lyoness  

The Bond Between by Ahlaam (Spoken Word) For booking and inquires contact Ahlaam via email Facebook: Ahlaam Lala Abduljalil Twitter: @AhlaamLoves Instagram: @AhlaamAbduljalil Tumblr: Video Edited by Ahlaam Abduljalil & Manny Fresco Video Shot By...

Defining Love by Grace Hayes When people ask him if they are loved He laughs at the biggest understatement of a word there is Of a feeling there is, of a...

STAND || Spoken Word This poem was written for Jeff Voth's new book "Defending the Feminine Heart" - Order it here:

5 tips to improve your critical thinking – Samantha Agoos View full lesson: Every day, a sea of decisions stretches before us, and it’s impossible to make a perfect choice every time.

I Can’t Read Lamont Carey — I Can't Read on Def Jam Poetry

How to make your writing funnier – Cheri Steinkellner View full lesson: Did you ever notice how many jokes start with “Did you ever notice?” And what’s the deal with “What’s the deal?”...

Poetic Samurai performing as the Sacrificial Poet #WarOfWords6 The sacrificial poet at the Semi Final of War Of Words Season 6 Slam Poetry Competition that held in Lagos, Nigeria. The event is...

The Chalk Board is the hall of fame by PoeTHICH SAMURAI Inspire Poetry a.k.a "iPOETRY" is a Spoken Word Show designed to cream the Spoken Word & Poetry industry and promote poetry talents. The show...

The DESPACITO Piece (Spoken Word)