Friday, January 19, 2018

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Emptied by KIS

Today i realized I have forgotten your face! As I shaved, I searched my mind for memories, or their ghosts but I drew blank. So I cut myself...

Instagram Poetry

8 Tips For Running A Successful Open Mic

If you’ve been in the spoken word poetry scene for any amount of time, chances are you’ve probably attended an open mic. Whether you...

Life is our journey

Why do we worry and always be in a hurry... Do we not know that time will pass and the things we do will always last... Why do...

Welcome to 2018…!!!


Strategy for Writing Poems.

Writing poetry can be deceptively difficult. While most people have been exposed to verse in one form or another, be it through nursery rhymes...


  MERRY CHRISTMAS and God bless you greatly in Jesus name. Amen.

Your Future by Manish Sanwal

I can predict your future without meeting you I can predict without knowing you I work for free....may I help you wanna know your future ?? should I predict...

READY, SET, NO…. by Wayne Samuel

War of Words Season 6 aka WOW6 #WarOfWords6 - Nigeria's foremost Spoken Word Poetry competition which concluded last week Saturday was an afternoon of...

My lips were made for kisses

  My lips tremble with anticipation At their meeting with yours How will it go? I really want to know… My lips tingle with remembrance Of sweet kisses they once...